What is ColdFusion? 

ColdFusion is a web development platform developed by Adobe Systems. It is used to create dynamic web pages and data-driven web applications. It combines HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and server-side scripting languages such as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) and CF Script. ColdFusion is a popular platform for building applications that require high levels of security and scalability.

What is ColdFusion used for?

ColdFusion is a server-side web application development platform for creating dynamic websites and web applications. Developers can use it to develop and deploy web-based applications and services accessible through a web browser. It enables developers to quickly and easily create secure, scalable, interactive websites and applications with minimal coding. ColdFusion also allows developers to access existing data sources, such as databases, and integrate them into their applications.

Is ColdFusion still being used? 

Yes, ColdFusion is still being used by many organizations and developers. Adobe ColdFusion is the most popular platform version, and it is widely used for building web applications, websites, and other software solutions.

Is ColdFusion end of life?

No, ColdFusion is not the end of life. Adobe has announced that it will continue to provide security updates and technical support for ColdFusion through 2021.

Is ColdFusion front end or back end? 

ColdFusion is a backend technology. It is used to create web applications and dynamic websites and is often used in combination with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front end.

What is a suitable replacement for ColdFusion?

The most popular alternatives to ColdFusion are PHP, ASP.NET, and JSP. These languages are all popular web development languages and allow developers to create dynamic and interactive websites.

What language is ColdFusion?

ColdFusion is a server-side scripting language created by Adobe Systems. It combines HTML, JavaScript, and CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language).

What is a ColdFusion developer? 

A ColdFusion developer uses programming language and application server software to develop websites and web applications. They create and maintain websites and web applications using ColdFusion, a server-side scripting language developed by Adobe Systems. ColdFusion developers are responsible for the coding, testing, and debugging of interactive web applications.

Is ColdFusion a scripting language?

No, ColdFusion is not a scripting language. It is an application development platform for creating web applications and websites. It is based on the scripting language CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) but is not considered a scripting language.

What is ColdFusion development? 

ColdFusion is an application server and software development platform created by Adobe Systems. It is used to create dynamic websites, web applications and internet applications. It allows developers to quickly build dynamic webpages and web applications using its tag-based scripting language, CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). It can also connect to databases, run queries, execute server-side code and create user interfaces. ColdFusion is famous for building data-driven applications, web services and e-commerce sites.